Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Live Before You Die...

Today I found out some pretty sad news...Eventhough i didn't know these people personally i knew how it would affect their families and loved ones...
The first today was the death of Nicky's father. I'm not close to Nicky but i have known her for two years and i can only imagine the pain that she is going through. He died Monday night as a result of a semi running an intersection that killed 2 people, including him.
The second was the death of a woman by the name Victoria. I know of her because o fthe simple fact that she worked at Mortgage Tree Lending right next to my office. I had followed her story a bit and even bought the "Battle Brigade" bracelets to help support Victoria. VIctoria was another victim of cancer and it took her life this morning after a long battle.
I just pray for peace over these two families.
It just seems like there are too many deaths in the world, especially from something such as cancer. It really makes me value my life and every moment that i have on this Earth. I also wondered if these two families know God, if these two people Knew God. It just makes me value the importance of scripture and teaching.
My own grandmother is battling cancer. It started in the lungs and has now spread to the brain. She's only 68 years old. To me, that doesn't seem old at all and it's scary knowing that i will lose her possibly by the end of this summer. I've heard Memaw (my grandma) talk about God a few times but i really do wonder if she truly believes. I plan to see her soon and i plan to ask her this exact question. If there's just one thing i can help my grandma with in this life, it would be helping her to see the way. Even when we lose her in the physical sense i want to know that her soul is saved because i truly want to see her in heaven when i get there.
It seems like the older you get the more aware of death you become. The more personal it becomes to you and it makes you realize what you have today, what you hvae NOW. Everything can be taken away in a second and, honestly, i fear that. I don't fear death, i fear life. I fear that i have so much to do that i want to cram in such a little amount of time.
When the doctor gave Memaw her "death sentence" of approximately seven months my mind started to race. I am not as close to her as my other grandma but i love her all the same. I'll miss her all the same and i don't want her to leave this world without knowing that. Know, more than ever, is the time to make those trips that i have felt i needed to postpone. Now, more than ever, is the time to re-connect with her, to let her know that her granddaughter will miss her and i will pray for her during these difficult months. Seeing as she lives in Red Rock, Nevada distance has always seemed like such a problem but now it's not. I plan on visiting her soon, and often. Afterall, she's gotta live before she dies and i know her and i have a lot of living to do together....

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