Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Conflict Mediation"

So, tomorrow i have to go in for what the school calls "Conflict Mediation". Basically, me and this girl got into it in first period. Yeah. We both agree to disagree, we have pretty much hated eachother for two years but Mrs. Alburger thought that this morning got out of hand i guess.
Basically, i walked into class this morning and a few minutes in to it Mrs. Alburger makes a comment on my dress. She goes, "that's a pretty dress but it looks like its too low cut for school". Of course, me neing me, i say "No, it isn't too low cut for school". Then, the bitch has to open her fat mouth and say "Yeah, it is. It shows wayyy too much."
So, i say, "Psh, not compared to some of the outfits you wear" (something along those lines, i'm not good at quoting). It goes on from there, she calls me a bitch and then that's when it really goes off. Then, mrs. alburger states that she wants us to stop arguing because she doesn't want to have to bet on who will win in a fight. SO, of course, that splits the class up and gets them involved making bets. It just adds to the whole situation. Once Mrs. Alburger gets tired of this she E-Mails the dean for a conflict mediation.
That means, that tomorrow morning two of out "peers" (sthuper stheniors as i call them) will pull us out of class. We will sit across from eachother at the table and we will only be allowed to speak to our mediators not eachother. Sounds like pre-school. Whatever, it's better than the alternative: going to the dean and getting suspended. So, ya, tomorrow should be fun. Woohoo Conflict Mediation! (NOT!)

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The Champion Clan said...

Well what can I say, except have fun! Oh yah it should be a blast. Your almost done, hang in there.
~ Dawn