Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've been out of school since May 15th and I came back to Bakersfield on the 16th. So what have I been up to? Hmmm...not too much actually. I've been enjoying life and getting back into the swing of things. You know, work, friends, family. I even picked up a new hobby: golf. Yup, I'm a golfer! So, things are pretty good right now. I'm just enjoying the start of my summer. I really love Bakersfield, maybe not geographically but the people here really do make this place home.

And, for those of you wondering, Steve and I are working on things (i saw that eye roll, lol). No details need to be discussed just know that I am happy and continue to pray for me.

So, life is pretty good right now. God, friends, family, and a job that I love, who could really ask for more?

Oh, and Pastor Gary prayed for me at church this morning. All I can say is I just felt this amazing peace and amazing presence from God. It's like he was saying, "Don't worry, I've never forgotten about you." It felt pretty good. I definitely think that I'm doing things the right way now and God has much more in store for me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Keep Truckin'

I have two days left of my first year in college (Monday and Thursday) and all I can really say is, "Wow, what a year". These two semesters have certainly had their ups, and most certainly had their downs. From the death of someone so close to me, to falling in love again and having my heart broken. It hasn't been an easy year, and I'm not proud of every decision I have made but it definitely will be taken as a learning experience. Fresno really wasn't what I thought it would be (not that I had many expectations) but I really am sad to be leaving. I have made some great friends in the midst of all the turmoil and I will miss them tremendously. However, home will be good. It will keep me focused and bring up that GPA that I let fall so horribly. So, in this blog, I thought I'd maybe list what I've learned. Who knows, maybe you can learn from my mistakes?

1. Never take a mandatory attendance class at 8am (you are NOT going to go every time).
2. A social life is great but school comes first, boys come last.
3. Office hours are there for a reason, use them!
4. If you're not 100% on a future career, don't go into Freshman year with a major (if possible). You'll end up changing it a few times.
5. NEVER let God take a back seat in your life, He should be your top priority.
6. Love is great, but the Bible says to guard your heart, and for good reason.
7. Make wise, SOBER decisions.
8. Don't buy every textbook on your list, you're only going to use about half of them.
9. Keep tabs on your money, it gets spent fast!
10. Don't let a few haters get you down.

Well, that's a semi-review of the year. To those of you experiencing your first semester in the fall, best of luck! For the rest f us "college kids" keep truckin'!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Beginnings, New Adventures

"Busy" has definitely been the word of the week, or the few for that matter. Life's pretty good. Not excellent, but getting better and better everyday. I came home last night and I just need to reiterate how much I really love being back in this town. The people here are pretty amazing and they have helped me tremendously throughout all of my difficult times. So, I'm excited to be back with everyone (minus the four days of finals in Fresno). I'm ready for life again. I'm ready for things to continue moving forward and I'm so excited for the things that God is going to do. I feel almost like the poison in my life is gone (minus a few things) and I just feel so much better (kind of when the bako people go down to SLO and breathe fresh air). So this is my new beginning, again. I wonder, how many new beginnings can you have? Regardless, here's anbother new beginning for me and definitely another, new, grand adventure.