Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'm updating this right now for one sole purpose and that is to ask everyone to lift up the Champions in prayer. John Champion has passed away and I'm sure the family is going through a lot. However, God is still good and he will strengthen this family in their time of mourning. Please pray for them, for peace and for strength. They have been amazing servants of God and John's Heavenly Father is proudly welcoming him into the gates of heaven.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, with everything going on with Chris and John (referring to the cancer of course) the most common question I've heard is: "What's his Prognosis?" I started researching the type of cancer Chris told me the doctor's thought he had and then, while reading statistics on the survival rates/prognosis I started to feel guilt. I realized that the word "Prognosis" was such a faithless word. I mean, why are we going to base our lives off of statistics? We live by God's grace, not human research. So, no, the "prognosis" may not seem great but I'm not concerned about that. My prognosis, because i'm a healthy 19 year old, is great and yet I could still drop dead moments from now. God decides when it's our time, not any statistic, so I'm going to start living by His time, not my own, knowing that every day is such a blessing. That's how I view it with Johna dn Chris as well. I don't care what their prognosis may be, I only care that every day they are here is a blessing and God will call them up in His time. Honestly, I don't think God will be calling Chris up anytime soon, he still has too much work to do for God on this Earth. So, next time you start researching statistics and looking at the lifetime prognosis, remember that God is in control, not us. God is greater than any medicine, any surgeon, and any medical machine. God has the power to say when we will go and He will call us up, one by one, when it is our time. And, when it is our time, we will have no fear because we know that we are going to live with our Heavenly Father. So now, when someone asks about John or Chris' diagnosis, I simply respond, "Who knows? God will call them when it's time. And that could be 90 years from now, and I hope it is."

Monday, January 19, 2009

God is Still Good

Woah...so, this past week has been difficult, to say the least. School, work, and a friend had a Brain Biopsy. You can read all about it on his blog: kooseefoo.com or his mom's blog: http://championclan.blogspot.com/
As you'll see, Chris is doing very well, expecially considering he just had Brain Surgery on Wednesday. I'm constantly amazed by him and his family, and how strong their faith in God is. I have known them for a few years now and they have really helped me grow in my faith and become not just a believer in Christ, but a follower. Chris' surgery was Wednesday and eventhough the results weren't what we wanted, I was amazed at how we all gathered around and still rejoiced. Our God is still good no matter how rough the road seems. Wednesday was actually one of the first times that I felt strong in prayer, I felt God flow through me and I truly believe that He will heal Chris, I have no doubts. So, Wednesday was real tough day but I know that God has already claimed victory over Chris' cancer, the enemy has not and will not win.
So, from that note, Church on Sunday was amazing as well. I had other things stressing me through the week. God never gives you more than you can handle but he sure got close this time. But during communion at The Way Fellowship, I literally felt God place his hand on my head as I was praying to Him for healing and peace. I didn't realize how heavy of a load I was carrying until I felt God take all of my burdens. I felt so light. How Amazing is Our God that he loves us enough to carry our burdens for us? I am not deserving of His amazing grace but he gives it to me anyways because He loves each and every one of us. All I had to say was "Wow". I was just in complete awe of my Father in Heaven and I feel so truly blessed to know the Lord.
So thank you Chris for that bet, that I lost a few years ago, it helped me find my Savior again. And thank you John and Dawn for all the guidance you have given me, I look up to all of you. My prayers are always with you and remember, our God is the Almighty Healer, He can and will Heal.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year

Well, I guess its that time to review 2008 and all its ups and downs...
2008 started off, well, I honestly don't remember and that's really my issue with 2008, I don't remember half of it. Honestly though, 2008 was probably one of my darket years. In the beggining of 2008 I was on my second semester at Fresno State. Took 2 Econ classes, a yoga class, Comm 8, and a Creative Writing Class. Creative Writing was Amazing...Taking 2 Econ classes at one time was amazingly stupid...COmm 8 was fun...and Yoga was the biggest load of crap ever. The remaining Winter months went by smoothly and then we hit Spring. Normally my favorite season of the year but this is where the problems of 2008 really started occuring. The ex and I were having issues (He was cheating) and my grades fell, dramatically. I was sick, and lost a lot of weight (and I looked great!). Summer was just about the same. Became engaged to that same ass of an ex and then fell brutally out of love all the while catching up with some old friends (and one in particular I grew much closer to). The end of summer sparked a new beginning and a difficult battle with myself. Four hospital visits later and I was on new medication with a new love (stange to put those two things in a sentence huh?). Fall brought new friends, good times, and a healthier, more vibrant me. Winter brought changes of all kinds: a new place to call home, a high school friend turned lover, and adjusting to a life loving a soldier. The year was rocky and even though it may have been one of my worst years, I probably learned the most in 2008. So for 2009 I predict happiness, healthy relationships, growing closer to God and to Family. It will be an interesting year for our Country and some hard times are on their way but as always, I will perservere and so will our Country. I predict 2009 will be a great year, but probably one of the most challenging yet for me. I wish you all a Happy New Year, and live every moment to it's fullest!