Tuesday, December 30, 2008

100th Post!

Woohoo, it's my 100th post...Dunno if it's really worth celebrating but why not? Anyways, life has been fairly busy since my last post.
So, the family has sort of been at war. My brother made a dairly dumb decision in the beginning of October and neglected to tell anyone about it until November. Even then, he still neglected to tell my father and my mother actually had to contact my dad (and boy, that was messy). So, it's been tense. Christmas was nice though. My aunt and uncle came over along with my cousin and my grandpa. My gramps is such a cute old man, he really is a joy to have around. Some family friends came over for Christmas dinner and Dan joined us as well. I was really glad he volunteered to meet part of the family. It was kind of important to me.
Last week Dan was home. He came home on the 22nd and it was a great week. It was so nice to be with him again and just share some quality alone time as well as some great times with friends. Unfortunately, his stay wasn't very long and he had to return home on the 27th. That was hard for me. I really don't cry in public but i couldn't help it that morning. It's gonna be about six motnhs or so until I see him again. So, yeah, that's really going to suck. I'm just surviving his deployment one day at a time...
Oh! I also moved into my house 2 weeks ago. I love it! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped (Mj, Phillip, Dawn, Emily, Chris, Troy, and Heather). It would have been a much bigger task all by myself so I really appreciate all the help!
So, that's pretty much it for now. Work is still slow and life is still great. God is still amazing (and will always be).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Good

Wow...it's been a long while since I have updated! So, what's new with me? Not too much actually, and I'm finding out that's a pretty good thing.
I'm hoping to start CSUB in January. I say "hope" because I kind of did a late application. Oops! Oh well...I am also getting a house, I am very very blessed and oh so excited! Pixel will finally have a nice green backyard to play in and I guess I'm gonna have to learn how to mow the lawn! Haha. It will be a big responsibility but I am so excited for it. Hopefully I will be moving in this weekend...
What else?...I have a new man in my life and he is nothing short of AMAZING. I've known him since junior year and we began to grow closer over the summer. It's really been quite great. He's very different from anyone else that I have dated and that all is a very good thing. He's also in the Army and currently in Mississippi, which does make things hard, but it's worth it. God definitely blessed me with a wonderful man :)
Besides that, I've just been working full time and continuing to improve on my mental health. The meds are working quite well. I have more energy, my memory is better, and I don't get anxious like I used too. It's real nice. Unfortunately, these meds have some major side affects so my doc wanted to test some things out. By "things" i mean running blood tests to check on my kidneys, liver, glucose, and thyroid. Well, everything was good except for my thyroid. Turns out, its hypoactive, meaning I don't produce enough of the thyroid hormone. This mostly means weight gain, yuck. So, I'm waiting to see what my doc wants to do about it...
So, I'm just living life and enjoying every part of it right now. I feel like I have started this great new chapter and I'm feeling really good for once in a real long time. Life is good, and God is certainly amazing!