Friday, May 22, 2009

God is great!

So I am updating my blog at nearly two in the morning to tell you all that Chris is doing so amazing! God is so great and he is truly answering our prayers. They have started to wake him up from his paralytic state and he can hear us and respond. They are waking him up because they changed a setting on his ventilator so he no longer needs his diaphragm to be paralyzed. This is great news! This means he is one step closer to getting of the machine and having a complete recovery! Thank you all so much for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for Chris as he still has a rough road ahead. Thank you God for all you have done so far!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shout it out!

So, I know I haven't had a joyous post in a while so its time for one and all I really have to say is God is so good!
Yesterday Chris was in bad shape, and many of us didn't know if he would still be around. But this morning proved that all of our prayers did not go unheard. Chris is doing much better. He has an appetite and is off the breathing apparatus he had yesterday. Also, its two days in to his blood cultures and so far no staph has shown up. Amazing isn't it? I just wanted to go to the top of the mountain and shout to the world that our God is an amazing God! He answers prayers and He has a plan for all of us!God is so good and even though we were scared yesterday, we continued to trust in Him and man, He kept his promises. I cried tears of joy today and I cannot stop smiling. Our God is so wonderful.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Well, its time to update again I suppose. Instead of focusing on what has been going on in my life I would like to focus this blog on Chris Champion and I hope all of you take some time out of your ay to say a prayer for him and his family.
Chris has been in the hospital for two weeks now. After a few blood tests we found out that Chris had contracted a staph infection in his blood. While fighting off the infection Chris began to have fluid build up in his body leading to pneumonia. Now he is struggling to take a breath and hooked up to all sorts of machinery.
So, please pray diligently. Chris has expressed having anxiety and fear so pray that God will provide him with peace and comfort. Pray that his body starts recovering from this sickness so that he may be able to return home to his friends and family. Also pray for his family (Dawn, Mihaela, and Dan) as well as Emily, that they may have peace and be able to comfort Chris in this difficult time.