Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Life has been pretty slow lately, which has actually been a nice change. I'm taking a lot of time out for myself to fix everything and that is going really well. I'm pretty proud of my progress so far and I hope other people are noticing a positive change in me as well. I've been careful with getting back in to the swing of things. I work part time so that I'm able to still go through counseling and let my body continue to adjust to the meds that I have been prescribed. I really want to go full force ahead and be extremely busy and working hard and going to school and keeping a busy social life but I know if I did that right now I would just crumble under all the pressure so I've been learning to take things a little slower and hopefully soon I will be back to a normal schedule and a normal life. Beyond that, not a whole lot has been going on here. Just friends, family, and work. That's bout it...I'll update later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Chapter

So, I feel like I'm starting a new chapter of my life and, I must say, I'm pretty stoked about it. I've been working a lot on me through an Intensive Outpatient therapy program (IOP) that I attend four times a week. It's suppose to be a three week program but I have managed to make it into four, haha. I've learned a lot to be honest. I've learned a lot about myself, and I've learned how to cope in a different and much healthier way than I generally do. Also, I am on medication for bipolar disorder and they are actually helping. I've never been a big medication fan but for once in a long time I feel stable. I still have ups and downs like any normal human being but that aren't as dramatic and catastrophic as they used to be. I feel kind of like I have my life back and I thank God every day that he gave me the strength and the courage to go get the help I needed and to be able to be so open about it. This new chapter is looking good, real good. I'm healthy and happy and things just seem to keep getting better. I have finished everything for Azusa Pacific University so I'm anxiously waiting to hear back from them. If accepted, which I am fairly confident about, I will be so ecstatic. It's a great school and I think it will be really positive as well to be surrounded by a large body of believers and to actually study God's word in my courses. Oh, and there a few other things going on as well but I don't want to ruin any surprises just yet :). Life is good, again. I've gotten rid of the things that were so toxic and have replaced them with positive influences and a lot of hard self work. I'm living life and loving every moment of it, just like I used to. New Chapter, New Life, another chance from God. Isn't He amazing?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Guns, Camelot, Games, and Pool

So, you know how sometimes you just need a full day jam-packed with great people and great fun? Yeah, I've been needing one of those and yesterday was definitely it!
Went to Church in the AM and I helped out MJ with the Jr. Highers. I really liked it actually. Small group but I thought MJ's message was very good and they seemed to grasp it. After that, I went shooting with Dan, Justin, and Shelby. When we got out there we joined Thomas, Eric, and a kid named Slink, I think. Anyways, it was wicked awesome! I haven't shot anything besides a pellet or BB Gun up till yesterday so it was awesome shooting shotguns, rifles, a hundgun, and, oh yeah, an SKS. That thing was freakin' awesome! I even have footage of me shooting that Shelby took so hopefully that will be loaded up on my myspace or something. After that, we headed to Camelot (Shelby, Dan, Justin and I)and we did some arcade games, rode the go-carts and played some mini golf (i totally lost, ouch). Then, we joined up with Garrett and headed back to my place for some hanging out and drinking games. Then (yes, there's more) we headed to Corner Pocket and met up with a few more people. After that, we did a Taco Bell run and I went to bed. It was a jam-packed day of activities but it was so much fun! Anyways, I had to write, I'm still so stoked over shooting, it was awesome!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

God Moment...

So, you know when you just have one of those amazing God moments and you just want to shout it out? Yeah, I totally had one of those last night. I was reading Give It All To Him by Max Lucado last night. First off, this short book is really amazing. It basically retells the reason why Jesus died on the cross but in a more modern, relate able way (seeing as I wasn't alive thousands of years ago). There was a few sentences that really struck me and I really heard God speak to me through them: "Jesus himself chose the nails...So Jesus Himself swung the hammer." Wow! What a perspective this gave me. I was blown away. I instantly heard God telling me that He was going to lay out choices for me, that He was going to clear the path for me, and that He was going to cure me of whatever "illness" the doctor's say I have. it is going to be a journey but man, I got so excited! It's times like these that I really love, when I'm down in the dumps, carrying all of my burdens and guilts, etc. and God comes along and lifts them right of my shoulders and reassures me that everything will be alright. It's great. It's actually amazing!