Thursday, October 2, 2008

God Moment...

So, you know when you just have one of those amazing God moments and you just want to shout it out? Yeah, I totally had one of those last night. I was reading Give It All To Him by Max Lucado last night. First off, this short book is really amazing. It basically retells the reason why Jesus died on the cross but in a more modern, relate able way (seeing as I wasn't alive thousands of years ago). There was a few sentences that really struck me and I really heard God speak to me through them: "Jesus himself chose the nails...So Jesus Himself swung the hammer." Wow! What a perspective this gave me. I was blown away. I instantly heard God telling me that He was going to lay out choices for me, that He was going to clear the path for me, and that He was going to cure me of whatever "illness" the doctor's say I have. it is going to be a journey but man, I got so excited! It's times like these that I really love, when I'm down in the dumps, carrying all of my burdens and guilts, etc. and God comes along and lifts them right of my shoulders and reassures me that everything will be alright. It's great. It's actually amazing!

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