Monday, October 6, 2008

Guns, Camelot, Games, and Pool

So, you know how sometimes you just need a full day jam-packed with great people and great fun? Yeah, I've been needing one of those and yesterday was definitely it!
Went to Church in the AM and I helped out MJ with the Jr. Highers. I really liked it actually. Small group but I thought MJ's message was very good and they seemed to grasp it. After that, I went shooting with Dan, Justin, and Shelby. When we got out there we joined Thomas, Eric, and a kid named Slink, I think. Anyways, it was wicked awesome! I haven't shot anything besides a pellet or BB Gun up till yesterday so it was awesome shooting shotguns, rifles, a hundgun, and, oh yeah, an SKS. That thing was freakin' awesome! I even have footage of me shooting that Shelby took so hopefully that will be loaded up on my myspace or something. After that, we headed to Camelot (Shelby, Dan, Justin and I)and we did some arcade games, rode the go-carts and played some mini golf (i totally lost, ouch). Then, we joined up with Garrett and headed back to my place for some hanging out and drinking games. Then (yes, there's more) we headed to Corner Pocket and met up with a few more people. After that, we did a Taco Bell run and I went to bed. It was a jam-packed day of activities but it was so much fun! Anyways, I had to write, I'm still so stoked over shooting, it was awesome!

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