Sunday, March 30, 2008


Nesta and I decided to try a new church today in Fresno. I haven't been to any churches since I moved here so I thought it was about time to start going. We went to Celebration Church, the name fits it pretty well. It's a very large church (and seems to have much more money than i'm used to in a church!). Eventhough anyone can attend, you can tell that the church is pretty youth oriented; geared to young adults and what not. You walk into the sanctuary and it's set up like a christian rock concert and that's how their worship feels as well Pretty cool i must say. From what I gathered, they have a few different pastors that kind of take turns preaching on Sundays and today's service was pretty good. We took a look at John 2:1-9 (i think that's the right verses, not quite sure). The pastor was pretty energetic and his message was really good as well. The church is very vocal. What i mean by that is they like to shout "amen" and "thank Jesus", stuff like that. I've never been in a church like that so it was definitely a different experience but i really liked it. They have a few things coming up that I would like to attend. Overall, great morning at a new church with a great message!

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