Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How is your fire burning?

So, I’m here in Mexico sitting in my own selfishness and high-maintenance standards when I read a friend’s blog and it truly humbled me. It made me think about my life, about our lives as Christians and serving God. It made me think to those non-believers who question God’s word, wondering why everything was so different in Biblical times…

In Biblical times…How common is that phrase? In biblical times miracles happened, in biblical times families dropped everything to follow God, in biblical times Christians seemed to be much more passionate…Sometimes, as humans, we are not able to look around and realize that was happened in “biblical times” is happening right now!

Miracles: Miracles are abundant in the Bible, and, man, are they really a true testimony to an Almighty God! In many conversations I have had with non-believers, people commonly ask, “If your God is so mighty and if He can perform miracles, why aren’t there miracles today?” This is the question they ask to further go on and try to convince me that the Bible is just some long literary work. Well, my reply to their egging questions is there are so many miracles, just open your eyes! What many view today as “coincidence” I can view as a miracle. Take, for instance, a friend’s surgery. During the surgery a vein was cut and it “so happened” that the best surgeon for that was prepping for another surgery and was able to get to my friend real quick to patch his vein. Coincidence? No, small miracle that made all the difference and personally strengthened my faith in my maker.

Giving Up Everything To Follow God: We really don’t “see” this often today. But man, is it happening! It may not be so noticeable because our churches are so full of EC Christians (not to offend, your relationship with God is your relationship) but when you meet a Family, who truly lives for God, it is so amazing. What is even more amazing is the impact that that one family can have on so many people. God truly uses us, and when we give up everything to follow Him, that is when he really uses us to make a much bigger impact, for His glory.

Passion: Once again, something we don’t “see” so often but open your eyes! Get out of your comfort zone and listen to God and you will be so on fire for Him! I’m not saying go to a conference or a study, but truly give it all to Him. Overseas, Christians are so passionate! But a lot of that is truly because they have given EVERYTHING to God. They risk their lives in order to serve Him and if you’re risking your life you better be pretty adamant about something. God is worth it, and that is what makes me so passionate!

One thing I have to remind myself of every day is that God is truly amazing. I watch friends who are like family go through so many obstacles but they have remained so faithful to God and that just truly inspires me. I am living in a world where non-believers question my faith and God’s words and, until now, I really haven’t been able to convince myself and them that what happened during the time that the Bible was written is happening now. I get so absorbed in my selfish life that I forget to open my eyes and witness what God is truly doing to me and to so many others around me. In a sense, we are in Biblical times. God is using us NOW, just like he was then. He is performing miracles, guiding families, and lighting a fire underneath us that I really cannot even begin to describe. I am just now getting so excited, not just for me, but for the world. God has amazing plans for what He created and I am so glad to be a part of all of that. My fire is lit and going strong. How is your fire burning?


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