Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break I guess I should update how Spring Break went? Well, it was definitely a break but, honestly, it wasn't that fun. Yeah, i went to Cabo but I was there with just my parents. It's not that fun when you have no one to hang out with. I just basically slept in, tanned, went to dinner, then bed. This continued for a week. Yeah, not the most fun thing ever but all in all, it was nice to have a break.
The highlight of break however was definitely going to church on Easter Sunday. I love going back home and to my home church to see all the people that I miss while I'm in Fresno. Also, The Oaks was just so lively yesterday! We truly had a great service. There's just something about meeting God within the Church that I just love. I love watching the "on fire" Christians and just admiring all their passion. I really want to do ministry. Every time I'm in a Church setting I just feel like I'm home, especially at the Oaks. Man, God is really molding me and it is just so awesome!

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Chris Champion said...

Awww! I missed you coming? That sucks! Glad to hear that the oaks had such a great service though.