Sunday, March 9, 2008

Love Bako

Saturday (Yesterday) was pretty much an awesome day! Got to sleep in a bit, that's always good! Then, breakfast at the club, and then 18 holes of GOLF! Oh My! Haha, I have NEVER played 18 holes before so it was quite the experience. I didn't suck as bad as i thought I would, thanks to the awesome help of Steve! I hit some good ones, and I hit some really bad ones but the point was just being able to be outside for a few hours and enjoy God's creation because it was just a beautiful day.
After golf i took a much needed nap! Then, we went to the Bakersfield Condor's game. For those of you who don't know, its Ice Hockey. The condors lost to Idaho but I wasn't really there to watch the game. WE had one of the box suite things with a bunch of coworkers so i really had a blast catching up with everyone and of course i loved spending that time with Steve as well. He fits in everywhere i go :).
So, yeah, that was my day. Pretty awesome. Just reiterates why I love comeing back to Bakersfield...

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