Sunday, January 6, 2008


Okay, so today was nothing short of freakin’ amazing! Emily, Mj, Chris, Mihaela, Cathy, and I met up at church this morning to head for Cal Poly to help move Chris back in to the dorms. We got there at about noon and it was gorgeous! I absolutely love the campus, I’m so jealous! After hanging out at Chris’ dorm for a bit and meeting two people (Donavan and Mike), we headed out to find food. Nothing was open on campus so we ended up driving to Splash CafĂ© which, if you’ve never been there, has pretty awesome food. After that, Mike invited us to his beach house a few towns over (about a 20 min. drive). So, us highly intelligent college students (Chris, Mike, and I) and one brave senior (Emily) put on (with high difficulty) wet suits and headed down to the ocean with the rest of the gang for some boogie boarding. The water was freezing and I could no longer feel my hands and feet but I haven’t had that much fun in a long time! It was just so spontaneous and random, it was great! It was a great form of exercise too seeing as there was such a strong undertow. Mike didn’t really help with that when he told us that a surfer was dragged way out to sea just the other day by the undertow and they have yet to find him. Gee, thanks Mike. Anyways, after that, we just chilled at Mike’s beach house and watched a few movies. His parents came to the house around five and they are amazing! His mom brought all sorts of food and his dad made us some espresso (was very handy for the drive home). It was really awesome time because, in just a few short hours of knowing some of these people, it really felt like we were surrounded by family. I felt like I knew Mike and Donovan much longer than a few hours and vice versa. Who knew SLO could feel almost like home?
So, because this trip was such an enormous success, we’re hopefully going to go back next Saturday before I have to go back to Fresno. I’m excited already. I love the weather there, and I have always loved the beach. Who knows, if Cal Poly accepts, maybe I’ll transfer. I would absolutely love that!

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