Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Spark

So I couldn't help but look back at my life during the last few days and look at how certain people have made an amazing impact on me. Of course, my grandmother came to mind and instead of pain this time i felt overjoyed. I'm so excited for what God is doing in my life and I know, as she is looking down, she is excited too. A question went through my mind yesterday and I thought about it for quite a while. What would grandma think? In regards to going into Christian ministry, looking in to mission trips, and just whole-heartedly serving the Lord. I think she would be so proud. Looking back, she is a big motivation for me to get involved more and more into the church. A few memories came to mind of her and YLCC (Yosemite Lakes Community Church) and through those I absolutely know that this is what God wants me to do. She was sort of the backbone of the church, planning VBS, cooking for luncheons, and helping out with anything she can. I am so happy to be basically following in her Amazing footsteps. Its astonishing how you don't really realize how much something in your childhood has impacted you until years down the road. I can only pray to become more and more like her because she is absolutely the best role model to anyone. She loved the Lord and had such a strong relationship with God but she was never judgmental and allowed all sorts of people into her home; believers and non-believers always felt welcome. That's what I hope to do. Bring people to the Lord without using scare tactics or shoving the word down her throat. The Lord used her just like he is beginning to use me and I am so ready for this adventure to begin. So thanks Grams for the spark that has ignited a blazing fire!

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