Saturday, December 15, 2007

Take A Closer Look

Since I've moved to Fresno for college, i feel like i have grown away from God, like I'm not as close to him as i used to be. I recognized this and it made me feel horrible. God has never turned hs back on me bu it feels like I've turned my back on him by not making time to talk to God and to trust God. I've been wanting to take control of everything, i haven't let God handle anything. So, when i was in Bakersfield one weekend, i decided to go to Borders, I was looking for a book, something to help guide me, to help me study God's word and be closer to him. Well, what I found was Take a Closer Look for Women by Jan Kern. It's basically about applying the God's word to your everyday life. One section really struck me, it seemed like i related so well to it with what has been going on lately. There was a prayer in there and it really affected me, "I am your daughter who longs to serve you. I trust your words. Do your work, for i have confidence that it is good." This really spoke volumes to me. I long to serve God, to serve him faithfully and without question. I want him to work in my life, to use me as a servant for Him and His kingdom. I need to trust God more and have confidence in him. Just stop everyday life. Instead of puttin' around on MySpace, talk to God, spend time with God. Trust Him, have confidence in Him. No matter what is on your shoulders, God will help carry it. I truly needed to be reminded of this message and seeing again just calms my soul.

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