Thursday, October 11, 2007


So, i was going to post yesterday but i kind of got distracted i guess you can say...
Anyways, yesterday was a GREAT day! Yup, that one deserved bold and italics, lol. So, i slept in and missed my first class but it's all good because we were just doing some review. I went out to the ranch around 11:30. I was so happy to have my saddle back! I took justa out and we did a quick warm-up in the round pen. Man, she had so much energy, i just loved it. I saddled her up and we headed out to the arena. WOW she did so well! At first, she was being a bit hard in the mouth while asking her to back-up but that's okay because it's always a quick fix for her. We cantered for the first time in probably three months! It felt so good, her ears were perked and she had a beautiful stride. i was a little apprehensive about cantering her because i was afraid that she would be inclined again to take off like old times. But she didn't even attempt it. The moment i said "easy" she went straight from a canter to a walk (really surprised me actually, i wasn't ready for it, lol). Then, we went back up to the canter and worked on some flying lead changes. Again, WOW! We haven't worked on those in almost a year and she did them as if we had been working on them everyday for the past year. They were practically flawless. She got her front lead and her back leads simultaneously as we were doing our figure 8's...i am so proud of her! Another plus, her back leg was doing very well. No lameness at the moment, that's always a good thing. So, yeah, that's my update....More tomorrow, maybe..

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