Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Whatcha Gonna Do?

So, this weekend Steve, Nesta and I went back to Bakersfield. I hate to say it, but when I actually go back to bako i realize i miss it. It just feels like a big relief when i go back "home". So, it was a really nice weekend. Saw someone i hadn't seen in almost a year, hung out with Steve a couple days, came back with some new ink. It was a nice trip....then we had to come back to Fresno..
So, once we got back to Fresno it was like the drama started IMMEDIATELY. Not kidding whatsoever. It was like a fucking whirlwind of the biggest shit. Some stuff went down i guess while i was gone so i went to help my friend with those issues. Then, there was some more shit going down with Steve's ex. Apparently, her friends wanting her to tell me that her and Steve are still seeing each other and to back off. Whatever. It wasn't even her that was pissing me off, it was the fact that people can't stay out of me and Steve's personal life. What goes on between us is our business, and no one else's. No one has the right to be talking shit about how it's fucked up that Steve supposedly left Cat for me. That's not the case in the first place but even if it was it is no one's business. So, we had to deal with that once we got home and it seems like yesterday the drama was at its worse.
Well, everyday is a new day and today is definitely a new day. Still some drama with other issues but nothing too bad. I have gotten so much work done, i am so proud of myself! lol. I cannot wait for the weekend again. I kinda want to go back to bako, its just so peaceful there. I have no problems when i go back to bako but, hey, whatcha gonna do?
Life goes on and it looks like all is good. Just keeping busy with school and such. Another mid-term is coming up soon (yuck!) so i will be disappearing here and there to study, lol.
Oh! Almost forgot, i got my saddle back this weekend :)...So, Justa will officially be back in training starting back tomorrow, wish us luck...

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