Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Cool

So, the last two days have been, well, rediculous i guess you could say, and definitely not in a good way. I recieved a text message from Steve tuesday morning (3am to be exact) and it basically stated that he couldn't go through with the marriage and that he was leaving town. Well, I followed him all the way to Fresno then I turned back around becausse I had work at 7:30am. Well, my boss gave me the day off and around 1pm I found out that Steve was having lunch with his ex. Definitely not cool. So, i pretty much lost it. I drove up to Fresno, drove around Fresno for a while to see that he and his ex were at her apartment. Uh, yeah, I pretty much snapped. It was almost like an out of body experince and definitely not a good one. I ended up at Shaver Lake, cops were called, and, well, I finally got back to Bakersfield yesterday around 11am. It's been pretty rough. I love Steve, I trully do, and I have never ever loved anyone like I love him but I am taking the advice of my family and peers to heal myself and to stay away from Steve. It won't be easy at all because this man truly is my best friend. So, prayers for my healing would really be appreciated and pray for Steve as well please, this hasn't been easy for him either...

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