Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Work, Friends, and Our Wedding

Wow, I'm really sucking at this whole updating my blog thing aren't I? Anyways, what's new for Brooke? A whole lot!

So, first off, if you haven't heard the exciting news, I'm getting married! Yup, you read that right, I, Brooke, am getting married to Steve on October 19th! I'm pretty excited for it. It's crazy thinking that in four months I'm going to have a husband and Steve and I are going to be our own family. It actually makes me a little speechless because Steve and I have overcome so many obstacles and I know that he truly is the one and only for me. What doesn't make me speechless, however, is planning this whole wedding in four months! I'm busy as it is but throwing a wedding into the mix is just crazy! We have Seven Oaks booked for the wedding and reception and we have all the food figured out already. However, what is taking so much time right now is the list of people who Steve and I would like to invite. I'm trying to keep it around 100 people but that is proving to be highly difficult! Oh well, if we go a little over, it's no biggie. Expect invitations in about a month!

So, besides the wedding (which is the only thing everyone wants to talk about!) life has been pretty good but pretty busy. I went camping for a night this past weekend. Just Chris, Emily, and I. It was definitely awesome to just take some time out and to pray together and enjoy some beautiful stars and a gorgeous sunrise. We definitely need to do that again with a big group of people. Monday the college group had a pool party at the Champions and everyone seemed to be buzzing about the wedding, lol. I talked to John and Dawn about it that night and even though they seemed apprehensive it was really great to hear that they were happy for me. Afterall, they have been like my other family. I also took the BC assesment this week and, as expected, i scored well. So, today, I am going to FINALLY register for classes.

So, that's pretty much it. Work is busy, School is being scheduled, and Steve and I have a wedding to plan. Life is looking good :)

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