Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No longer "us"

Well, as of last night, me and Matt are no longer together. We had been arguing like crazy and i finally decided to drop the key off at his house for good. It's not that i don't love him anymore (because i still do) it's that fact that in two weeks time we seemed to do a complete 180 of how we used to be. He was on edge more, claiming that i was bugging him. I was on edge more because i couldn't see him or even hear his voice (and yes matt, if you're reading this, i know you can answer your cell phone). It kinda sucks because i realy do miss him but you can't make somebody miss you or want you. I didn't want to break up with him but i figured he wanted to seeing as he just kept pushing me away. He even told me when we first started going out that he hated breaking up with poeple. So, i figured, i'd do it... I've been okay today...Not great but okay. haven't been able to hold any food down so far but it's getting better. I love him and i feel like i've lost a huge part of me, a huge part of my life. But God is good, and things happen for a reason. So, i guess, i'll stay strong and see how it goes from here...

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The Champion Clan said...

Hi Brooke,

I would like to take you to lunch!! Let me know when it would work out, we could go during your lunch break at work if you like.

~ Dawn