Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, last night we did something different for DIVE (our small group bible study). We went to the church for musical worship and communion. It was a pretty nice change. Pastor Gary spoke about surrender; surrendering your life, every aspect of it, to God. I really liked this idea of surrender. In our lives today we view surrender and something bad, like we're losing a battle. In life today we're told never to surrender because that would be giving up. In God's eyes and in our relationship with Him surrender is a completely different concept. It's the opposite of how we view it today. Surrendering your life to God is a good thing, it's an amazing thing. It's letting God know that you trust him, you believe in Him, and you have complete faith in Him. I loved this lesson because there are so many things in my life that i hadn't surrendered to God. There were so many things that distanced me for God and all i had to do was surrender my life, surrender those burdens to Him. Well, last night I did. I spoke to God and surrendered evrything i had been keeping to myself. I gave my entire life to Him and it was amazing how great i felt. I was jsut overcome with emotion and gratefullness. I feel last night brought me closer in my relationship to God. I surrendered.

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