Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh Hai :)

It's time for an update! I promise this blog will be more cheerful.
So where to start? Life is pretty much the same, nothing really new and exciting, just super busy with school. A new clinical rotation started this week. Im at Mercy West now and so far I really like it. Working in acute care has really helped me realize what I want to do, and what I really do NOT want to do. I do not want to be a floor nurse, at least not when I'm first starting out. The pace isn't quick enough for me (no offense to any of you floor nurses of course!). So here is my new and almost set-in-stone gameplan: I will be graduating in March (yay!). After I graduate I will be studying to take the NCLEX to become licensed. After that I will either A) work in the prison system or B) work in acute care as an OR nurse (one of the only departments still hiring LVNs in acute care). While working as a LVN I plan on going back to school ASAP to get my RN. Finally, after I am all finished with that, I would like to work in the Emergency Room for a while. I really love it there! It's fast paced. Constant admits and constant discharges. Plus, you see pretty much everything! Also, the adrenaline rush is pretty amazing. All this isn't set in stone obviously but so far, I really think I know where I'm heading.
Which brings me to another thing. It's nice to actually be doing something that I am truly passionate about. I know for an absolute fact that this is what I want to be doing, and will be doing, until I retire. Chris, thanks bud for helping me to find my passion. I just wish you were here so I can share all the fun nursing stories with you. I think you would enjoy them :)
Apart from school, all is going pretty well. Money is still tight but it will be like this for a couple more years at least. I guess its my lesson in truly learning how to budget. All in all, God has been good (when isn't he?) and he has really been my strenght to keep me motivated and going to class despite some anxieties.

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