Tuesday, March 30, 2010

30 DF Days 1-3

So, Sunday evening my church, The Way Fellowship, started a 30 day fast. This fast is very different from any other that I have done. Instead of fasting solely from food (we will do a food fast the last week) we our fasting from comforts and luxuries that Americans sometimes confuse for necessities. Sunday night we fasted from our beds. Wow. Sleeping on the carpet sucked, majorly. I tossed and turned a lot, I couldn't stay asleep, and my hips were in a tremendous amount of pain. I made it through the whole night but felt horrid in the morning. I couldn't help but feel so much compassion for those who do that every night. In fact, they don't get a carpet to sleep on with comfy pillows and a nice soft comforter. I am so spoiled and blessed that I have a bed to sleep in every night.
The second and third days are fasting from convenience/electricity. I didn't think fasting from electricity would be too bad until I tried finding my pajamas in the dark and going to the bathroom in darkness. It was definitely an eye opener. I also usually sleep with a night light that I went without last night. Once again, I am so blessed to be able to have plenty of light with the flick of a switch.
Today I was going to fast from transportation but found out that the bus schedule stops before I get out of school. So i decided to walk to the store to get my water supply for the day. I only brought exact change with me to see what it feels like to only have enough money for an actual necessity. I really wanted to buy pizza on the way, or candy, etc., but I needed water. So I bought a gallon of water and carried it back home. Even though the store isnt very far, carrying a gallon of water back home was not easy nor fun. It's amazing that everyday children wake up off the ground and walk miles to fetch water in buckets and carry it back home. I am so blessed that I can just walk to my fridge to get water.
Lord, thank you for all these luxuries in my life that I always considered necessities. It's only day 3 and already this fast has started to open my eyes. What an awesome oppertunity.

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