Thursday, November 1, 2007

School, Justa, the usual...

Wow, well, i haven't updated in a bit. I've been quite busy actually. Pretty shocking huh?
Well, school is going okay i guess you could say. I'm a lil panicked at the moment seeing as i have quite a few projects piled on top of each other but no biggie.
Justa is the same ol' Justa. She looked really good yesterday, the weather change hasn't been too harsh on her (knock on wood).
Another home game is this weekend and my parents are coming up (yay!). Then, the weekend after this one, it's off to my mom's house with Steve. That should be a trip nothing short of interesting.
Anyways, on to what I was going to write about: Steve got an apartment, finally! lol. He has two roomies (well, that pay rent at least): Mantor (who is a hilarious guy) and Ryan (who is also pretty damn funny). So, the three of them have an apartment but it's more like 5 people when you include me and Ryan's girlfriends; Audra. It's a pretty nice apartment: 3 bedroom, 2 bath. It was a pain in the ass when the boys tried to get everything settled on move in day but everything is pretty good now. There were a few things wrong with the apartment, of course. Maintenance came out today though and pretty much fixed just about everything. So, if you haven't guessed already, Steve and I are pretty much living together and i really love it. It's really nice honestly. I'm so comfortable with Steve with everything. I love sharing a room with him and waking up to him in the morning. It's just nice, I'm extremely happy with my life at this point in time. Not saying that everything goes as planned and everything is prefect but i am truly happy and that's what counts.
Spring semester registration is coming soon and that freaks me out a bit but its okay. I will be carrying about 18 units, 3 more than i have now. I will definitely work my schedule out much better next semester than i did this semester. Hopefully, i will have a job as well (Fingers Crossed).
Well, thats about it for now....

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