Saturday, September 29, 2007


Wow....This past month has been nothing short of amazing! I am absolutely loving college life so far. Classes haven't been too bad, i've missed a few but nothing so far that has really damaged my grade. I have also met some amazing people that have just made my life so much better. I really don't think i have been this happy with life for a while. I love the new freedom i have in college. Even though that also means i have learned a few lessons on my own about self discipline.
It's kind of crazy thinking that it has only been about a month since i moved out of bako and to Fresno. It feels like soooo(etc.) much longer! The same thing goes with the people i've met, it feels like i have known them for so much longer than i actually have.
Oh yeah, i've also met someone a little different from all the others...and, go figure, he's from Bakersfield!!! (happy Steve, you're in my But, yeah, i met him at a Kappa Sigma (fraternity) rush event. And, well, pretty much been spending a lot of time together since then and i love it.
So, God has definitely been good to me this month, even with the loss of my grandmother i have drawn a lot of strength from Him and i have felt a lot of comfort in knowing she is with Him.
Well, i think that's a good enough update for now....I start my diet today! yuck, lol.....Wish me luck.

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