Monday, February 9, 2009


So, last Tuesday was John Champions memorial to honor his life. As Dawn said in her blog, it was a time of great joy mixed with sadness. It was truly awesome seeing how many people showed up to honor John. It really touched me to see how many people's lives he touched and I loved hearing some stories from the family members. I only knew John for a few years but in those years he has had a great impact on me. I got up to speak on behalf of the youth that he affected but I wasn't able to say the rest of what was on my mind so I thought I would put it here:
John was an amazing human being. Him and Dawn really helped me on my spiritual path and God used them to get through to me. I give John and Dawn so much gratitude for opening up their house to a bunch of teenagers and always being so selfless. It's amazing how I can rarely mention John without mentioning Dawn too, and that's because they were such a remarkable team. Their marriage is truly something I looked up to and I hope someday that I will have a husband that loves me as much as John loved Dawn. John tought me so many great life lessons, and he was truly like a second dad to me. I looked up to him and I still do. He truly loved the Lord and that love was so infectious. To me, he was a prime example of a servant of God and even his death has glorified the Lord. I take such peace in knowing that John now has a glorified body, he is no longer weak or sick. I miss him, I really do, and when it's my time to meet my maker I will be joyed to see John again. He will continue to be a part of my life and I could never forget the amazing compassion, hospitality, and Faith that he showed me. I truly thank him for letting me be a part of his life.
So those are just a few thoughts of mine about John. And through everything that has happened the past couple weeks, God has given me such great peace. I want my life to glorify God as well and I'm working hard towards that goal.
So Tuesday was a rejuvenating day, even though I was filled with great sadness. I am so glad so many people showed up. It just proves to me that God is victorious, even though some without faith may think otherwise. God is truly great and the service definitely gave glory to Him.

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